Smart City Energy

Welcome to the Smart City Energy platform

Smart City Energy supports cities in the development of innovative strategies and opportunities for sustainable energies transitions.


The Smart City Energy platform is based on the flexible framework iGUESS, to integrate energy as a layer into urban planning. Smart City Energy enables cities to explore potentials for renewable energy, energy savings, green roofs, and identifies risks regarding urban heat islands and energy poverty. Smart City Energy allows to develop and test measures for Sustainable Energy Action Plans to assess CO2 emissions over time and identify opportunities for energy exchange within a city.

Enjoy the exploration of a new framework for sustainable urban areas within Europe!

View your data or register new datasets

If you are a registered user, in the Data Manager you can see a list of all registered datasets for every city.

See my datasets      Datamanager

The list contains both datasets registered from remote servers, managed by the city experts, or datasets created by renewable energy calculations, after configuring and running modules in the Modules catalog.

You can also register new datasets using a data server URL.

Configure and run a calculation module

The module catalog shows the calculations that Smart City Energy can perform, for solar, geothermal, urban heat islands, fuel poverty and energy savings potentials. Smart city energy runs calculations as WPS processes.

After a description of module's input requirements and output results, you can configure a module, and this configuration will be added to the Configured Modules list. When you run calculations defined by a module configuration, the outputs will be added to the Data Manager list. Moreover, in the configured Modules list you can also see which modules are being run at your city.

Develop Sustainable Energy Action Plans

In the Scenario page you can set up and calculate future Energy Production, Energy Consumption and greenhouse gases emissions for every sector, using baseline data.

Visualize maps of the registered datasets

Smart City Energy can show you any registered dataset on an interactive map of your city.

You can visualize and overlay energy planning layers with full web-gis capabilities.